Each year Detroit’s economic growth will rely greatly on the ability to place thousands of middle skill job openings. Filling the gap for middle-skill workers will advance career earning potential for more residents and is a necessary step in sustaining long-term economic growth.

All of our programs are tested through pilot programs and refined prior to expansion but each one is designed to prepare individuals within the square mile for competitive college options and in-demand careers.

We start by listening to schools articulate their needs. We then research and suggest the solutions that will have the biggest impact and long-term effects within the square mile community.


Individuals need multiple opportunities to access competitive career options, which is why our programs engage students from the Pre-K level all the way through high school. At every level, our programs work to reach key milestones and develop vital career-readiness skills to prepare students for the future.

By working in collaboration with the schools we have developed programming in three key discipline areas: Media & Arts, Business & Entrepreneurship, and Healthcare. Through these programs students are exposed to hands-on experience and quality opportunities that prepare them for college or career paths, that not only fit their interests and strengths, but are in demand.


Purposeful opportunities and experiences
in the exploration of art and culture

Business &

Strategic curriculum and training focused on
developing an entrepreneurial mindset


Developed to educate and prepare
individuals for in-demand healthcare careers