Since 2013, we have rolled up our sleeves to support the square mile and foster growth in residents and students by connecting them with the resources, opportunities, and support they need to succeed. Meaningful change happens gradually and requires long-term investment, which is why we are here to stay.

Lauren Hantz

As President of the Hantz Foundation, Lauren is committed to partnering with and supporting the Square Mile community through academic programs and fundraising. She is passionate about developing a strong philanthropic approach that will make a real impact for students and teachers.

Michelle Benman

With a passion for designing and executing events, Michelle brings to life several events for the staff and students each year. As a long-time resident of the Square Mile, she is dedicated to serving her community. From galas to backyard BBQs, she does it all.

Hussein Warmack

As a founding member and Square Mile resident, Hussein is dedicated to fostering growth for his community. He focuses on building relationships with schools and other community partners to help deliver new opportunities to those that call this community home.

Lindsay Hurd

Raised by a family of teachers, Lindsay knows first-hand the importance of supporting educators. She brings several years of marketing and operational experience to the team and focuses on capturing and showcasing the Foundation's work.


Community transformation starts with high-quality education, which is why we create lasting partnerships with schools in the community to connect them to the resources needed to succeed. We join forces, and together, strive to create the best educational and career opportunities for students in this square mile..